New Product: Cowboy Charcoal’s Smokin’ Cups are Single-Use Wood Chip Packages for Flavorful Grilling

STOCKTON, CALIF. (July 1, 2013) – Cowboy Smokin’ Cups is the newest wood chips product available from Cowboy Charcoal, the maker of top selling natural hardwood lump charcoal, chips and chunks. The pre-measured, 100 percent natural wood chips come in a single-use, disposable cup that fits right into a gas or charcoal grill.

This approach ensures that the dry wood chips are consistent and flavorful for the best smoking performance. Users simply peel off the vent sticker on the cup and place it beneath the food grate on the heat source. Cowboy Smokin’ Cups add flavorful smoking for approximately 30 minutes.

Available in a pack of three flavor cups that include: Hickory – bold & hearty for beef, pork or poultry, Mesquite – robust & southwest flavor for beef, seafood & poultry, and Apple – sweet & smoky for pork, seafood & poultry. Cowboy Smokin’ Cups are found at Lowe’s stores across the country. Details are available at

About Cowboy Charcoal

Cowboy Charcoal Company is the best known brand of natural hardwood lump charcoal. Cowboy’s premium products guarantee an authentic wood flavor and tender, juicy results with every grilling experience. Now a subsidiary of Duraflame, Inc., Cowboy Charcoal is introducing new grilling products to help fuel the passion for barbecue and grilling enthusiasts around the country.