BBQ Basics: Charcoal Types

Briquet Detail

Standard Briquets:

  • Made from a mixture of borax, limestone, sodium nitrate, starch, anthracite coal, lignite char, sawdust and wood char with starch and a moistening agent
  • This mixture forms a paste that’s injected into briquet molds
  • Instant light versions infuse the briquet with lighter fluid
  • They are dried in an oven and then packaged
  • Cowboy doesn’t offer standard briquets; instead Cowboy only offers charcoal made from organic, all natural materials
Natural Briquet Detail

100% Natural Hardwood Briquets:

  • Made from 100% natural hardwood charcoal pieces and vegetable starch as a binder
  • This mixture is formed into briquet molds, dried and packaged.
  • Natural Briquets burn hotter than standard briquets, delivering the high heat associated with lump charcoal
  • They also usually burn longer than standard briquets

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Natural Lump Detail

Lump/Chunk Charcoal:

  • Made from various species of all natural hardwoods, such as Hickory, Oak or Mesquite Chunks
  • Pieces of wood are slowly cooked in a high-heat environment to become carbonized wood
  • Lump charcoal produces hotter grilling temperatures, imparting an authentic wood flavor to grilled foods

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